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Stepping Out – Health and Wellbeing is proud to deliver activities that aim to help the residents of Lytham St Annes and the whole of Fylde to live healthy and more balanced lifestyles.

Trust in 10 years of delivery experience with over 1 000 Nordic walkers trained. We are team of qualified instructors supported by walk leaders. There are over 10 regular Nordic walks on a weekly basis in Lytham, Ansdell and St Annes . We look forward to meeting you soon.

Ewa Piotrowicz

Ewa, foodie and lifelong fitness enthusiast, her adventure with Nordic walking first began in 2009 when Bart introduced it to the Fylde Coast.

She completed the Learn To course in 2011, but Nordic walking was hardly ‘love at first sight’ and Ewa found it hard to find time to walk regularly, what with her full-time employment in the Social Care sector and attending numerous fitness classes.

Ewa’s interest in Nordic walking really took off in March 2014, when she discovered a pair of Bungypump resistance poles in Bart’s equipment bag. Using them on a casual walk with a friend after work, she found she enjoyed this new experience without even realising how far she had gone. Ewa was amazed at how well and rejuvenated she felt after such a long walk, compared with the tiredness she was used to after one of her killer indoor workouts. The transformation continued and during the next few years Ewa became a regular walker, gradually cutting down on her indoor workout sessions and voluntarily supporting Bart in his regular Nordic walking sessions and at events.

As her passion grew, she started to promote Nordic walking through social media, organising awareness-raising events and encouraging Bart’s Nordic walkers to enter the Blackpool Race for Life, before becoming an instructor with NWUK in 2015. Keen to develop a broader understanding of overall health, Ewa completed an Advanced Nutritional Advisor diploma course the following year which enables her to practise the concept of wellbeing on a multi-dimensional level. During these last few years, Ewa has entered several Nordic walking challenge events, twice winning first place in the women’s race at Grasmere in the Lake district in 2015-16, and in Bristol. Walking is now a big part of her daily life, bringing with it many positive changes which she happily shares with everyone and promotes on her lifestyle blog ( www.thinksharplivesmart.com )

Eileen Moore

Having spent time in Germany, where Nordic Walking is a long established popular form of exercise, Eileen was fully aware of its health and recuperative benefits when she learned of Bart’s Stepping Out Nordic Walking groups.

Under Bart’s tutorage she did the Learn To course, a walking leaders course and the Nordic Walking leaders course which enabled her to assist on the regular walks. Wanting to increase her own knowledge and assist more effectively on the walks and training, Eileen completed the CYQ level 2 fitness and Nordic Walking Instructor qualifications in January 2013.  Since then she has assisted on several walks each week helping to provide all the health and social benefits of Nordic Walking to members of the Stepping Out groups.

Karen Deeley

Karen has been valued member of the Nordic walking Lytham St Annes delivery team for over a year now.

Karen’s great passion to help others and previous experience as Health Walk leader for YMCA have made Karen a valued member of the Nordic Walking deliver team.

Karen journey in understanding of human body and exercise made her fantastic role model of how Nordic walking can support long term, health lifestyle changes and is inspiration to many regular members, especially to those who are at the beginning, of their adventure with The Wellness Club.

Brian Hankinson

Brian has had previous 10 year experience with ‘Walking for Health ‘ initiative and run Health walks at the St Anne’s YMCA as a trained volunteer walk Leader.
Sometime latter Brian came across Bart who was working for Preston
Council at that time coordinatig Nordic walking scheme and Health Walks .
It was from meeting Bart that he decided take up Nordic Walking and trained as a volunteer Nordic
Walk Leader as by way of progression from health walks and it has been valued member of the team for past 7 years

Dawn McLean

Dawn completed her Learn to Nordic Walk course with Bart in December 2011 and has not looked back since!  With Barts’ guidance and support, she now runs regular day time and evening walks in the Fulwood and Avenham areas of Preston.

Dawn went on to become a tutor/assessor for Nordic Walking UK and she regularly runs courses to train people to become Nordic Walking Instructors.  She has level 4 fitness qualifications including Falls Prevention for the frailer older adult; level 3 GP Exercise Referral and Pre & Post Natal qualifications, enabling her to welcome everyone onto her walks with confidence.

Dawns groups are a friendly bunch of both men and women of all ages, with a wide range of personalities and varied fitness levels and you will be given a warm welcome.  She looks forward to meeting you 🙂


Bart brought Nordic walking to the Fylde Coast and Preston in 2009. After a few years of provision of wellbeing services under Local Authorities (Fylde Borough Council and Preston City Council), in 2011 with help of Fylde Local Strategic Partnership, he launched Stepping Out – Health and Wellbeing – an organisation aiming to promote and create opportunities to help local residents live healthy lifestyles. Stepping Out has been recognised on a national level and since the launch has helped over 1 000 local residents providing community based educational and fitness sessions.

Bart’s true passion spread across the region, giving guidance and support to other local instructors, resulting in Nordic walking being  a widely recognised and appreciated form of fitness, regularly practised by many in the name of good health and friendships.

His new projects are bringing to the UK concepts of BungyPump and Pro X Walker – effective total body walking programmes and are perfect complement to Nordic walking (making it even more effective!)  and are also at the same time versatile fitness tools used while indoor or outdoors during a variety of fitness and wellbeing sessions.


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