Bart brought Nordic walking to the Fylde Coast and Preston in 2009. After a few years of provision of wellbeing services under Local Authorities (Fylde Borough Council and Preston City Council), in 2011 with help of Fylde Local Strategic Partnership, he launched Stepping Out – Health and Wellbeing – an organisation aiming to promote and create opportunities to help local residents live healthy lifestyles. Stepping Out has been recognised on a national level and since the launch has helped over 1 000 local residents providing community based educational and fitness sessions.

Bart’s true passion spread across the region, giving guidance and support to other local instructors, resulting in Nordic walking being  a widely recognised and appreciated form of fitness, regularly practised by many in the name of good health and friendships.

His new projects are bringing to the UK concepts of BungyPump and Pro X Walker – effective total body walking programmes and are perfect complement to Nordic walking (making it even more effective!)  and are also at the same time versatile fitness tools used while indoor or outdoors during a variety of fitness and wellbeing sessions.