Ewa Piotrowicz

Ewa, foodie and lifelong fitness enthusiast, her adventure with Nordic walking first began in 2009 when Bart introduced it to the Fylde Coast.

She completed the Learn To course in 2011, but Nordic walking was hardly ‘love at first sight’ and Ewa found it hard to find time to walk regularly, what with her full-time employment in the Social Care sector and attending numerous fitness classes.

Ewa’s interest in Nordic walking really took off in March 2014, when she discovered a pair of Bungypump resistance poles in Bart’s equipment bag. Using them on a casual walk with a friend after work, she found she enjoyed this new experience without even realising how far she had gone. Ewa was amazed at how well and rejuvenated she felt after such a long walk, compared with the tiredness she was used to after one of her killer indoor workouts. The transformation continued and during the next few years Ewa became a regular walker, gradually cutting down on her indoor workout sessions and voluntarily supporting Bart in his regular Nordic walking sessions and at events.

As her passion grew, she started to promote Nordic walking through social media, organising awareness-raising events and encouraging Bart’s Nordic walkers to enter the Blackpool Race for Life, before becoming an instructor with NWUK in 2015. Keen to develop a broader understanding of overall health, Ewa completed an Advanced Nutritional Advisor diploma course the following year which enables her to practise the concept of wellbeing on a multi-dimensional level. During these last few years, Ewa has entered several Nordic walking challenge events, twice winning first place in the women’s race at Grasmere in the Lake district in 2015-16, and in Bristol. Walking is now a big part of her daily life, bringing with it many positive changes which she happily shares with everyone and promotes on her lifestyle blog ( www.thinksharplivesmart.com )